Deforestation and increasing pollution has become a major crisis in many parts of the world due to never-ending usage of Polyethylene or polythene that we commonly call plastic. The tendency to waste without noticing the outcome and importance of it is imprinted in our unconscious human behaviour . Additionally the demand of tea and timber has its impact on the depletion of biological diversity in Darjeeling region alike everywhere.Hence facing atrocities due to the high material derivation from the forests that affects the flora and fauna beyond awareness of a common being. A slothy but a drastic change affecting the eco-system beyond easy repairs has been notable whilst the year passes by with its altering ecological rhythm. The demand and increase in consumption has brood undesired results igniting hardships in everyday life of Darjeeling hills and its beautiful environment. 

Similarly, the issue around the main water source, the only clean water spring is always of deepest concern for the inhabitant of many villages in Ging valley. Tales of bountifulness, friutful lives and the routes along the branches of the trees to reach the other end of the hills echos in many corners, unfortunately of which only stories remain. The drastic deforestation  in the past couple of decades has lead to tremendous erosion which still-threatens the primary water spring affecting the lives of people in the entire Darjeeling hill region. Sleepless night during monsoon due to the apparent dangers of natural calamities haunt the villagers residing in slope of Darjeeling hills. The gradual disappearance of the forest is of a primary concern people talk about while working in the tea gardens, with vague solution to the threat of being washed away by heavy landslides likely to occur during every monsoon.
The monstrous landslide in year 1968 is etched in the minds of the villagers of the hills, of which the inhabitants stills recalls as being a warning of mother nature bound to claim lives on its arrival. ''Big boulders of rock that rolled down the slope like monster to claim lives suddenly stopped, as if God bestowed another chance to his children to realize the blunder,'' quoted an old man in the village. The sight of the rocky slope still throws a light on the spooky atmosphere of ''Landslide code 68''. Big boulders are seen mysteriously hanging in different place as though it were stopped by some heavenly intervention to manifests warning. Perhaps it was an impact of felling the trees without any natural observation and considerations due to profit oriented ideas and thoughts ever since various new industrial ideas have emerged with the advent of British in Indian sub-continent bringing both prosperity and despair.However the prosperity was and is  entitled only for elites and despair for the non-elites which can be easily judged as unfair in a common man's opinion.

In order to prevent such calamity in future, a voluntary initiative was taken to reforest the area at least once in two years. One from a household volunteers in every plantation day. Saplings were and are provided by the district forest officer upon submission of an application. Despite all hurdles, the determination has been fruitful and worth documenting.

Reforestation was organized consecutively from the year 2013, '14, '15 '17 '19 with the help of saplings sponsored by the West Bengal forest department turning out to be a massive success. Funds were raised in cash and kind from the locals to do the needful. A pleasurable ceremony of planting the trees were held in these years with good tasting food and deli-cable tea. Passion and importance of nature has become the working force to accomplish the task all these years counting upon the good deeds we repay to the ''DHARTI'' or Earth . Around 5000 saplings were planted in every plantation year.Many villagers from different villages  volunteered and participated with immense enthusiasm and planted trees with a hope for renewal of our forest and its wildlife.
With a view to grow and  organize more plantations we invite you to be a part of our progress. We enterprise in order to maintain the norms of the nature and return what has been taken.

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