The forests should be again regarded as  the lungs of our mother Earth and accordingly trees as alveoli. Humans in the planet can be considered as small cells that are in our bodies which are integral to the functioning of the entire physiology and activities which in-turn resonates with the entire  cosmic existence of ours' together as one simple but highly complex Human being.  Our thoughts might be the considered to be the motions of subatomic particles that are in constant motions of actions and reactions which keep changing the the chemical consistency from the sub-atomic  dimensions thereby directly influencing the  existence of the entire micro as well as macro universal dimensions that shapes the material planet into the perception that are in the mind of a Humans, reverberating the natural qualities of being a human eventually. Thereby reflecting the feeling of compassion, Love, honor, pride, jealousy, hate anger and all the natural emotions that are confined in the cosmos that is yet to be understood completely until an effort is made to understand the self. With due respect this isn't my philosophy but a heritage of many ancient and civilizations across the globe. The spiritualist around the world need not be explained this sceince as they are well versed with many ideas that are originated in the himalayan and indian subcontinent regions.

Even the most spiritual giants in the history of Earth and mankind has stressed upon the importance of the Forest and only a fool would cut a tree to make a chair to make humans sit above the ground deluding it with pleasure and luxury eradicating the bond and reality of all of us belonging eventually to the earth no matter how high or low he stands in life. It might be very provocating to read this however no matter what class we fly we have to walk on the same ground. The quest in the science and mystic has always been of great importance to human in order to understand the ultimate goal of life which according to the religion of the forest is nothing but to be compassionate and kind to your environment in order to save it for the future adversities and the entire planetary species which holds the energy and spirit of the entire existence giving us  a fruitful human-life.

However in the last centuries we are destroying our natural habitat with a pace beyond the will to stop. Only the collective consciousness could lead us to stop the entire crisis in the environment you survive in. Our uncontrollable greedy consumption due to colossal advertising campaign by big corporations through all medium and the destruction of the natural existence has definitely contributed to the global crisis which we face together as humans. Similarly like drops of water make an ocean, like tiny waves merge to become a tornado, like the molecule of water fuse gaining mass and momentum to precipitate, our thoughts are also waves that has a collective action to the incidents that occur in and around us and the entire our entire surrounding and hence planet will be effected in return. We have already witnessed a massive destruction in the last decades where millions of ethnic races have been displaced from their ethnic home by big corporation only due to their intentions of profits which would secure success for the companies at the price of destroyed lives of many innocents somewhere in the third world which is a serious matter to meditate upon. The blues of the world is hard to end at once as the forces of nature are such, without destruction there is no creation too. The natural destruction must be much smoother compared to the one with artificial force. However the suffering can be hindered if taken heed of various aspects of existences in life. Therefore we started with a good thought and action of planting a tree and caring them as though they were your pets until it grows big to bear the results.

We have been planting trees in the our surrounding every monsoon trying to bring a change. Our initiatives have been covered recorded and put in the recent blogs which we are happy to have it initiated. We were also able to conduct some awareness road shows which has brought positive impact in people's mind. Do enjoy the song known as BAAN KI CHARI or the FOREST BIRD,which is a great poetic lyrical presentation by Ajit Basnet the professor of St Joseph's college in Darjeeling composed by a musical group who called themselves Reincarnation.